Justice through Education network meeting


NERA Network 4 – Justice through Education Report and Minutes from network meeting March 7, 2019


Participants: Dennis Beach, Marianne Dovemark, Gunilla Holm, Michal Håkansson, Tuuli From, Helena Hinke Dobrochinsky Candido, Ívar Rafn Jónsson, Aarno Kauppila, Linda-Mari Laaksonen, Audur Magnis Audurdottir, Anna-Maija Niemi, Berglind Ros Magnusdottir, Gudrun Ragnarsdottir, Hannele Pitkänen, Saija Volmari


The agenda for this meeting was:

  1. Future activities
  2. Other issues.


The program of the network included 7 paper sessions, one round table session and one symposium. 25 of 26 individual abstracts for paper presentations were accepted. Especially sessions scheduled in the first congress day as well as the symposium were successful in terms of audience (for example 28-30 listener in sessions 1A and 2A). Themes of the presentations were for example the marketization of education, neoliberalism, assessment, gender, rural education, minority language teaching, school segregation.


2019 congress in Uppsala was the ‘kick off’ congress of the network. We had a brief introduction of the network, which is aimed to keep Nordic collaboration established by the Nordic Centre of Excellence Justice through Education in Nordic Countries (Nordforsk 2013-2018) on going.


Future activities

We discussed on members’ expectations concerning the network activities. There is a need for workshops, where working papers were discussed. PhD students’ and younger scholars’ wishes were discussed. We hope to be able to organize pre-congress in the near future. Possibilities to apply symposium in AERA were discussed. We noticed that especially symposiums receive the interests of the audience. Therefore, we are going to encourage the members of the network to submit abstracts for symposium.


Other issues

We discussed the possibility for collaboration with networks 14 and 8 (‘Multicultural educational research’ and ‘Gender & Education’). These two networks have similar interests. We discussed on possibilities for organizing sessions in collaboration. At least we are going to contact the organisers of the next congress in order to get the sessions in closer proximity to promote possibilities for potential audience to follow all these three networks and build up new contacts.